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We need to talk about Kevin

Now this one was hard for me having read the book, I don’t think I have ever approved of a movie adaptation of a novel but this movie was actually breathtaking. Ezra Miller is the lead role of Kevin and his performance is nothing short of amazing. The film follows Kevin’s mother (Tilda Swinton) as she is learning to cope with life with him. As a baby he hates her and she feels as though he is personally attacking her all the time. As he grows up this turns out to be true, everything he does has a motive to piss her off and her husband (John C Reilley) chooses to ignore what is happening and has a perfect relationship with Kevin. As he grows up he gets more spiteful and is also cruel to his little sister. I wont spoil what makes the movie what it is. It was certainly the best movie of 2011 for me and if you don’t watch it your only depriving yourself.


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